Tuesday, June 13, 2006

대한민국!! World Cup Soccer 2006

Excellent: World Cup Soccer time. Tonight it's KOREA verses TOGO. Who's going to WIN? I predict KOREA with an outcome of 3 - 2. What do you think? Will follow up later with results. For now, I'm heading off to meet MEL and follow the game from a local pub. Updates coming up..

Go 대한민국!!! Go Korea!! :)
12: 53am. UPDATED!

Alright, it looks like Korea won--I got THAT right. On the other hand, the score was NOT 3-2 like I predicted, but 2-1. There were a few close calls, and TOGO scored first, but once after Korea made it 1-1, it seemed a sure thing that Korea would win. Korea still FIGHTING!

I ran over just a hair before ten to catch up with Mel at a local bar in Dongbyundong. Small place of course, and it seems like every face you see you recognize. We finally settled on a bar called Joki Joki, after checking out another with a not-so-good view of the game. Between 2-1700cc pitchers of beer and two plates of fries and miscellaneous potatoes, we had a ball watching the close game and listening to the local Korean folks go mad over the goals! Every few minutes the crowd in the bar would roar, "대한민국!!" (Dae-han-min-guk ~ the longer name of Korea; whereas in Korean, "한국" ~ Korea, is the shortened name). We had a ball, and decided to call it a night just half-past twelve.

What a coincidence too ~ Korea is up against my two favourite countries : France next and then Switzerland. It's going to be HARD choosing WHO to root for! ehheheh.. you guess that one!

Gotta go, off to bed. OH. And THANK YOU, Thomas from SEOUL how the US got the shit kick out of them (3-0). Bummer...I didn't even KNOW the US was playing on Monday night (after the Australia verses Japan game) at nearly 1 or so in the morning! Unbelievable!!

Anyway, for latest INFORMATION on the WORLD CUP on matches/results: go HERE.

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