Monday, August 08, 2005

Update in photos

Pic 1: The famous Buddha atop Mt. Gatbawi, with the 1,000's of electrically lit candles memorializing people in the name of the Medicine Buddha (Yak-Sah-Yorae-Buh)
I haven't updated in over a week. Amazing how time flies. We had a great vacation which extended from July 29th to August 3rd--then it was back to work for only two days before the weekend came again. I needed this vacation, though, seriously. Even though I originally wanted to wait until I was more familiar with Daegu, not wanting to be stuck in my apartment with nothing to do for vacation but mope because I felt isolated....No, this vacation I had a blast, and I learned more than I thought I could in just a week's time.

Not only did I figure out the bus systems where I live in Seobyundong and 대 구 (Daegu) in general, but I also trekked up to Mt. Gatbawi; learned the Korean Alphabet inside and out; became familiar with Kiungbuk National University, and all the local hangouts; found a healthclub and started working out daily; plus, I renewed my enthusiam and found the spiritual awaking that I needed to finally find my niche here.

Just a short blog tonight though, and a few photos to this update. I'll get into the details of my vacation over the course of the next few days. Until then, I leave you with a photo overview of my vacation....
Getting ready to ascend Mt. Gatbawi, pointing to the 2.0KM hike up to see Yak-Sah-Yoreh-Bu (Medicine Buddha). It was an awesome, but difficult hike (contrary to many blogs that I've read.. it's NOT EASY folks!) Witnessed a real Buddhist monk singing, visiting several temples, slowly making the way up some 1500 'stairs' (more like rocks) with shakey legs to witness many Buddhism believers prosthrating/praying in front of the Buddha.. and then to descend and praise God that I made it down the mountain in the dark!

Checking out KiungBuk National University--which is a beautiful campus, by the way...learning they have an Alliance Francaise (which means I can take classes there to prep for the DALF!)...eating cheap college-student priced foods near campus, checking out the local student hang-outs, discovering empty hall-ways that I can go and study in, and feeling in general like a student again..
Eating DELICIOUS Korean foods...including the absolutely mouth-watering ice/ice cream/corn flakes/candy snack you can buy at the Lotteria fast-food restaurant, or free (like the one I got in the picture) when you go to a pub and buy drinks. Definitely a delicious dessert!

...and particularly, like learning to cook raw Pork during your meal, accompanied by the amazing millenia of side-dishes you recieve.. ie. potatoes, macaroni, salad, soup, cocoon (which I don't care for--larva cocoon, that is!), green salad and mint leaves to eat with the cooked meat. This entree is definitely my favorite.

Discovering my town inside and out.. from daytime to nighttime.. sunrise to sunset--I'm starting to feel a part of this little country, and not just a foreigner living on the outside.

Last.. having a blast teaching the cutest children in the world (Charles, Amy, Jennie and I, elementary-beginning class). And, of course, being just one of the kids myself!

Inspiring quote: "Veni, Vidi, Vici." {I came, I saw, I conqured} - Gaius Julious Caesar

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