Friday, September 23, 2005

New make-up: A new person?

Women are crazy. And I'm one of them.

We spend so much money on our appearances: from plastic surgery to breast implants, expensive cosmetics to clothing accessories, the list is seriously endless... to try and look good, to make-up our character, our personalities, ourselves---simply because we believe that if we figure out and make good of ourselves on the outside, we'll automatically transform and make better what's on the inside. Maybe we'll be more liked. Maybe we'll feel better about ourselves. Maybe, we'll even like ourselves better!

Boy, oh, boy--here we go, more pills again.

Perhaps that's why there's birth control and psychiatric medicine: the pill cleans the surface of your skin (while of course, helping to decrease a woman's chance of pregnancy--but that's not the issue here) and the psyciatric medicine helps those ATP cells go to where they need to go; hence righting the wrong happening in our minds, making us feel and appear like we're sane, normal, in control, real---not imaginary! Oh, my! Let's face it, folks, we're screwed up, and the cosmetic industry is making us women more and more fallible to these weak tendencies!!

Why, you ask?

Because as women, we simply cannot help ourselves at the very sight of a good deal when we see one, when passing by for example, a clothing store or a shoe store. Eureka! Even a grocery store or convenience store... or, hey better yet, a cosmetic store with real Korean cosmetics--not imported stuff--that, for a limited time, cost half the price than they usually do, because we are like dogs on a trail to a meaty-bone: We are destined to fall for the historically infallible, the most well-known of all customer attractors ever invented in the Capitalist system--that, my friends, is the SALE!! the weakling that I am, I walked into my neighborhood cosmetic shop, because, low-and-behold, the words S A L E eased out rather boldly through the window, lewering passers-by---Yes, EVEN ME!---for a quick peek for curiosity's sake, if none other than to buy simply because there is a sale.

Thinking I was a thrifty shopper, I was esctatic to find such cheap cosmetics.. when just downtown recently, I went searching for mascara, ONLY to find the cheapest, most unknown imported brand that I could find at a mere (drum-roll, please): 17,000 Won. Absolutely, positively crazy! Holy cow.

So I got sparkly purple eye shadow. And, sparkly pink lip stick. Plus more sparkles with sparkly mascara. Wow. Then, followed by a rose lip liner, and a stick of black and brown eye-liners--one doubling as an eye-brow pencil. What a thrill! And the lady gave me a free little rosey cosmetic bag, and a 500 Won discount! What a delight! And it was all on S-A-L-E!

The Sale, alas, is simply the opportune to not only attract customers (perhaps business is slow), but to finally give those well-deserved breaks to the common lad: so finally, we see, prices dropping down to semi-doable and closer to 'what-they-should-be' prices, especially for the average, middle-class customer walking by. Nevermind whether they're Korean or American, or what have you. I'm talking about reasonable prices for goodness sakes!

So I captured it on camera, my find of cosmetics... And made up my face with these precious-girly-on-sale-Korean-made items...

...then, going to bed with a ridiculous smile on my face, and all the while, laughing for falling for this sale trap. How much did it cost me? About 20,000 W that I could have spent nearly half on back in the US. I guess it's the price you pay for wanting to feel good on the outside!

All the more, I add to my feeling stupid for sharing these crazy, girl-like photos of myself. I am indeed, nuthin' but a knucklehead.

So, thank you Korean Cosmetics! You've changed my life!! (And another Jerry Springer show loses it's ratings, once again...)

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