Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ack ~ Another month goes by! And the blue screen tale ensues!

Ack. I hate this blue screen of death. Hence the sporatic updates. Sorry about that ~ it appears my computer, having been once fixed, now spends the majority of its precious time either being tinkered by Juan or resting in a state of uncertaintly at Jonny Computer's near Camp Walker.

Computer update: The processor, whose 'hyperthreading' didn't work (which I spent 150 thou getting diagnosed such as and having Jonny disabling the function * scratching my nails against the keyboard because I could have done it myself.. *) turns out, in the end, to be dead. Completely. Literally. Stupidly. So, woh is the cash flow, I decide to spend another 170,000 Won replacing it. Good decision, bad decision? We shall see on Tuesday when I go pick it up...

As far as my PC literally 'up in smoke'... damn, I hate PC bongs! There's no such thing as 'no smoking section' here???

~ Chelsea

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