Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September rolls in...with Shark Diving, a houseparty, new wheels AND a hot date!

Holy smokes. It's September. And NEAR THE END, too! Just a preview for you all because I'm short on time, but I tell ya, the last 2 months have literally FLOWN BY! I haven't left, promise ~ I'm the first to admit I've been a slacker in updating! Now that there's internet at home, and a consistent Taekwondo/work/tutoring/life-in-general schedule, I can proudly say I've got a SHIT load of stuff to update folks! Here's what I'll post in the next few days (mental notes included):

- New job talks about Yeungjin: English camp and seriously funny Adult classes
- End of summer events: Shark diving in Busan (see above pic), Nights out and recent exursions
- New apartment and "ToKi" addition (rabbit ~ he's seriously a spastic King dwarf rabbit!)
- Good friend JuYeoung: Starts Taekwondo and tutors me in Korean (check it: 2 hrs/day!)
- My new hot wheels: 2000 Daylim Daystart Moto that I recently bought
- Recent HOT date with a guy from Changwon
- Plans for China and a Tour-by-Motorcycle of Korea
- My cousins trying out for Seattle's American Idol Auditions
- Hearing recently that my Bro in Alabama is GOING TO HAVE A BABY!

See what I mean? Lots to update ~ and there's more! So stay tuned... there's alot to look forward to (oh, and some crazy vids and pictures to put up on Flikr/You Tube!)

Later all ~ Asssssaaahhhhhrrrriiiiii!~ It's Friday!!! :)


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