Monday, February 09, 2009

Spreading the Word: New Daegu Magazine, Valentine's Day Treat & New Website Look Coming SOOOON!

Hey all...

Wow, a year ago was my last post. Can you believe it? I'm SOOO in need of updating. Pfft!

Ayden bear is nearly 16 months (and working on getting his last 4 Canine's--ahem, that means he's acting like 3, so you can imagine!), I'm teaching now at Yeungjin College Kindergarten (and L-O-V-E it!), I've been frantically getting all my ducks in a row to get going on my Master's....and in the meantime, realized I need to not only update this website, but give it a new look. So where does that leave me? Right in the middle of "shit to do" and "don't know where to start," alley. Yep! So here goes, I'm starting somewhere with the first set of footprints on this long haul...

Top of my list, the new Daegu magazine called "Daegu Pockets" which promises to be filled with loads of information, bilingual in Korean and English. What a neato thing, eh? It's about time! Foreigners realizing their presence here in Daegu, for all the world to see. Check it out!

Second, the Alliance Francaise de Daegu (which I'm geekily apart of) here at Kyungpook National University will have a little "Gouter Saint Valentin" for all you French speakers. Starting at 330pm, there will be refreshments and cake for those who come to sing or recite a poem about love. C'est merveilleux! So come out and support the French Alliance of Daegu, and practice your French, meanwhile :)

Last, but certainly not least.. I'll be updating this website with a new look here shortly. I've played around with some varieties, pictures, new gadgets, but alas.. this website was last updated when I was a single, free-wheelin' chic, scootin' on my buddy's hot-rod (my Daelim is still kicking, though barely!) and well---I no longer fit that profile (tragic..) Now I visit the local Korean public bath for kicks, and hang out with the family at HomePlus and eMart on Saturday nights instead of partying all night at the local club. What a life change, yo.

Okay, enough for now. Time to head out and get some exercise I promised myself at the beginning of the year (not to mention, W160,000 less in my pocket for 3 months!)

Ciao, et a la prochaine! See ya next time :)

~ Chelsea


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