Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our little Bubbly Butt!

Finally a moment to sit and relax with my cappuccino mix!

After I dropped Ayden off at the daycare, I sped home to clean up the house and do some laundry before I was off to work. Our little guy was just drifting off to sleep, as he usually does when we take him in the car. It's hard dropping him off to be cared for, when of course, I'd rather keep him to myself all day long. On the positive side, I get a few hours to do stuff I normally can't do when I'm taking care of Ayden.

Workwise, I don't have quite the inspiration that I used to have at FLI, especially knowing that I'll most likely be transferring to either the kindergarten or the college side after my contract is up. I just don't want to deal with ever-fluctuating schedules, last minute changes and of course, ENGLISH CAMP! Ugh.. I told Ahsan that I'm through with English camps. No more. Done! Now I'll be looking forward to summer and winter vacation, free time and travel---no longer burdened by a discombobulated camp season!

I've been taking so many videos of Ayden, I feel a bit overwhelmed by what I have and how much I want to upload for the family to see. So I just put it off another day, especially since Ayden has gotten so busy-body; he's very fussy, he always wants to sit upright, and when I leave him for a second to roll on his own, he gets very vocal and lets me know he doesn't like it! I feel a bit drained for energy, but definitely a lot better considering that I had spent the latter part of February and now March being sick--combo between a mild cold and allergies. Not fun stuff!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures of Mr. Ayden, taken between February and March. These are the "firsts" that I'm most proud of!

Ayden's first roll-over on his own!

The first quirky little home family picture (Ayden has a new sleep outfit!) We actually took a family photo in December, so this is the official second family photo. Aren't we just cute?

First family trip to the zoo!

First trip to Homeplus with the carseat
(my hands were getting tired holding Ayden all the time!)

A not a first, but one of many beautiful pictures of our boy sleeping: actually we went "walking at the park" for the first time, and as expected, Ayden slept the whole time!!

Ahsan and I have coined another lovely nickname for him. So instead of "pumpkin noodle" it's now become "bubbly butt" (which is quite funny because Ahsan's family name is "Butt"--and I've long since told him he needs to spell it like "Baht" or "Bauht"--considering the English spelling, of course. I personally don't want to be called Mrs. Butt: so, thankfully, Ahsan's family gave him his mother's last name, Manzoor, which is a thousand times better!)

So here's to our little Bubbly Butt, Ayden. We love you! Momma and daddy are so proud.

By the way, I posted NEW VIDEOS of Ayden at my YouTube site. Ayden is just too adorable!


Jacki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! It is always nice to meet new people, especially those living in different countries!

You have an adorable little boy, by the way.

Mark said...


Great blog! I'm coming to Korea soon to work for JungChul and you blog has been helpful, thanks.

Also, I love the look of your blog. I also use blogger, but it's nowhere near as cool as yours. Can you tell me what program you used to edit the top photo like that?

Cheers and keep up the blogging.