Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time for a REVAMP!

Zynia can't believe it either!

Indeed, it's about time. What, you're back? The lowdown? Yes, we're back. Daegu it is. And it's parte deux, yo!

So here's the scoop: my 2nd blog-in-waiting, In a Giant Pickle, will house photo opps, pretty things, and whatever catches my fancy. Yes, yes, double yes. Pictures of the kids too!

And (drumroll, please!), I finally get myself signed up with Tumblr. Oh, yes, my little pickles, we're getting this show back on the road with the korean experience at Tumblr. Fun times..

This time, with a little more coffee, kimchi and not to mention, some pickles. Did I mention I love pickles?

It's all slow to come, but don't lose hope! We're gearing up for the holidays.. and there's LOTS of fun to be had!

Enjoy your pickles,

Chels & the kiddos

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