Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinking around outside: Korean style!

Yowza, another month goes by without a post!

How am I, aspiring Expat author of globe trotting adventures, supposed to build up an audience if I don't publish our faily experiences of awesomeness?

Right Watson. The holidays sped us right into a season of English camps, my visa trip to Fukuoka, and landing me in crutches with a sprained ankle for a week!

Check back for the following link updates:
* Everything you ever want to know about taking your E-2 visa trip to Fukuoka, Japan (with video, step-by-step explanations & recommendations!)
*  A new *writing section* that I'm starting on my blog (whoop! But no specific title yet..) Yes. The secret is out: I'm writing a book!
* Recent Kid outings and where to go for real fun in Daegu! 
* And yes, a new *kid korner* devoted just to my kiddos (photos, videos, artsy stuff, and their little oh-so-fast growing up ramblings!)

So as you can see, there is much to update. But for today...the cool weather compells us outside for some playground play!


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