Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome Back...

To start, here's a few of my favorite quotes:
1) "Here's looking at you, kid." - CASABLANCA, 1942
2) "After all, tomorrow is another day!" - Gone With the Wind, 1939
and last...
3) "It's alive! It's alive!" - Frankenstein, 1931

Could there be any better way to start off an entry after a month's absence? So here's looking at me~it's another day and I'm still alive!

Well, today marks a near month since I haven't written (except for some additions to Peppero day on the 11th). But time has definitely flown.

I have to admit my absence was not without reason, however. I've learned alot in this one, long, head-to-brick thumping month that I'd rather not repeat. But I've come to a few more conclusions about myself, my real purpose in being her in Korea, and where I want to be heading. I think I've come out stronger, and purpose driven. And I think I've realized also that nothing can slow me down: bumps in the road, or otherwise. So lets just say in summation that I've learned first hand the function (or lack thereof) concerning Domestic Violence in Korea. So we'll just say ADIEU to that one and move along with the story (unless you are just dying to know, in which case, you can email me personally and I'll tell you about it).

This morning I bought my ticket home ~ so before you gulp, this will just be a vacation break, not a for-good leaving! I really wanted a complete month to fly home to Seattle, visit with the folks and friends, wrap up my apartment and put my belongings in storage; then fly to Louisiana and visit my other folks there too. Unfortunately, I've had to compromise with my boss at JungChul and settle for a near two-week trip (which was pushing it, actually, but I begged her to give me the time off to go home for awhile~ to 'rejuvenate' myself and get motivated again, which in my book is a necessity after this past month's doings!)

It feels good to be back~ and I'm really looking forward to writing more; I'm especially excited to head home for my mini between-Thanksgiving-and-Christmas vacation. The ticket was an astounding $968-which for round-trip is almost unheard of. Luckily I happened to look at the fair prices just 2 weeks before departure. So check back often for some updates on my life here and my trip home; there's bound to be several pages worth of new content :)

Later all! ;) Chelsea

PS. Is anyone in need of a travel partner? I'm looking at traveling a bit more, and I'm all up for checking out some new places here in the land of the morning calm :) Just email me!

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