Friday, November 11, 2005

"빼빼로데이" Peppero Day: Valentine's Day equivalent

In celebration of Peppero day: Chelsea's slowly coming back after a month of absence!

Details to follow.

So today is peppero day, and I received so many little chocolate dipped sticks from my students and fellow teachers that I seriously think I'll be set for the upcoming year. Interesting enough, though, I learned that many of these little peppero sticks are normally just given as a 'symbol' ~ of love, appreciation or kindness ~ and not to be eaten. Supposedly, you learn the good brands to eat and which ones to stay away from because they only look nice. Nevertheless, Peppero Day is much like the States' Valentine's day: the more hearts, cards and chocolates you get for Valentine's day, the more you're loved. You give a box of chocolates to your crush or your significant other. One of my students recieved a huge box of peppero sticks from her boyfriend. Wow~ this reminds me of Christmas! I remember thinking as a kid that more is better~ all of the wonderful, colorful presents to open seemed more appealing than what you actually recieved. Well, it's likewise with these peppero sticks.

Of course, I think Peppero day is just like any other media-filled celebration or holiday~ overexcitement and hype for the upcoming day (which purposefully increases the expected cash flow for the local merchants who cell these sticks that ressemble the 11th day of the 11th month of the year) It's a strange mess of giving and recieving, and at the end of the day, you're left bloated and sweet-toothed out from chomping down of so many of these poor peppero sticks. I sure did, and I still have a huge bag left on my apartment floor; just waiting to be eaten, or chucked in the garbage, or maybe even taped to the wall. I haven't decided yet.

In any event, what a wondrous, fantastic day ~ even though it was just any like any ordinary teaching day here in Seobyundong. Good news though: I had a relaxing, fun day because of this little Korean holiday known as Peppero day ~ and any excuse I could find to just have fun with the kids, teach them American folk songs and spend the day dancing and laughing away ~ well, you bet Chelsea would jump right on that chance!!

Actually, a little peppero stick sounds good right about now...


Mike said...

Welcome back! Happy Peppero day!

Chelsea said...

Thanks Mike.. it's amazing how time flies, and before I knew it, I'd spent a month away from my website. Crazy, eh? ;) Warm wishes indeed ~ just the right motivation I needed to get back on the band-wagon! Cheers :)