Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last entry for 2005!!

Hey folks! I've returned--to the wonderful land of the morning calm. Korea never looked better and I'm really glad to be back! I've missed teaching--but who would have thought since I was pretty stressed when I left for my vacation. Ah! Now I'm refreshed and ready to tackle it all over again :)

I've definitely missed the kids, that's for sure. But hey, that's not what this entry is about. It's my last entry for 2005 before the New Year rings in--and I thought I'd just say a few words and publicize my resolutions... basically get my last few of 2005 out there!!

It's really been a great year, and it seemed to flow by so quickly. After 5 months in Korea, I've realized just a few things about myself, what I want to change and what I want to do differently in the new year.

What have I learned through all my mishaps and good times thus far? Patience. It takes patience; one lovely asset I've learned from just a few important people that raised me, and those wonderful experiences I've learned on my own. Hitting the brick wall truly does help to rationalize and realize whether the direction you're heading in is the right one--or whether it's time to turn around and head in another direction.

Ah, 'tis one of the best things in life; to be able to assess your surroundings and make that choice to change or let things stay the same. Isn't it great?

So in the New Year, I want to accomplish 5 things. And if I fail, then at least I tried; but for now, the whole world will know this:

1) I plan on finally writing a book of all my travels (tentatively titled "The Swiss Experience") and at least send it to a few publishers. It'll probably be a mild fiction focusing on my experience working as an Au Pair in Switzerland and progressing from there.

2) I plan on getting into the best shape of my life and by summer, running at least a 10K (I figure there must be some running/swimming or Triathalon races in Seoul by then!!)

3) Pass the DELF/DALF French exam with flying colors to add to my teaching/translation credentials.

4) Take the necessary steps to get working on my Master's, and finally earning my Teaching Certificate.

5) Last, learn the art of patience, balance and self-reflection. The greatest thing in life is not the end result, but the progress. I want to really reflect on myself and put everything into perspective. This goes with finding a balance between work and play, friendships and relationships~ sort of a branch from the yin-yang theory.

There you go. The last words (almost) of 2005. So there's just 3 and 1/2 hours to go~ and to everyone at home, far away, and even close, may you ALL have a Happy New Year!!

~ Chelsea

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