Friday, December 09, 2005

Time Flies: Must I leave so soon?

Here it is, already the 8th of December (+15 hours difference between Washington and Korea), and I'm already near packing, buying gifts for the boss, kids and co-workers, and thinking about last-minute things to accomplish before my flight out on Sunday. That's right, back to Korea. And it's just 3 days from now. Amazing how time flies.

So while I'm packing the last tid-bits of my belongings in my apartment with Juan (who's leaving back to the DR on Christmas day, of all days!), I'm constantly reminded of my life here in little Bremerton. Just driving in my Pop's Nissan truck, feeling free, going over the Manette or Warren Avenue Bridge; looking at the cloudless, blue sky and snowy mountain peaks of the Olympics; or visiting with old friends that were crucial to my prior-Louisiana school days, and after... I'm seriously surrounded by so such nostalgia, it's almost irritating!

Tonight I'm off with my old friend and former Home Depot co-worker, Troy, to check out the show, "Mama Mia" at the Paramount in Seattle. We hears it's a real knee jerker. I'll tell you all about it, promise! I'm looking forward to the crisp, Seattle air again. Should be fun :)

And after all this, I wonder: Must I leave so soon? I could do for another week. Or two. I've got plenty of things to keep me here longer, including some medical check-ups to make sure this Yankee is still doing fine. But we'll see~ there's still a possibility to change my ticket for later. The only problem is, the earliest flight after my Dec 11th scheduled flight is the 21st: nearly 10 full days later, and almost a month since I took off on Nov 29th to Washington. I have a feeling though there'd be a few grudges built at home. 'Til then, I'll just have fun while I'm here!

~ Chelsea


Anonymous said...

It's a TOYOTA! Tacoma!... :P

Chelsea said...

Ahhhh.. and I thought it was a NISSAN!! Blah! ;)