Sunday, January 29, 2006

Seollal Weekend Events, part 1

It's been an interesting weekend and Lunar New Year, so far.

My Canadian friend, Anne, and I decided to head over to do some siteseeing this weekend, since we had originally planned to go to Osaka, Japan. Well, that turned out to be rather expensive; and hearsay on taking the hydrofoil to Hakata, Japan from Busan made us cringe. So needless to say, we picked out a few places to visit in Daegu, and had a blast in the midst of our mini expeditions.

I just have but a few minutes to post before I head out to meet the parents of the kid that I tutor at Ariana Hotel. We'll be celebrating the New Year with a dinner; they invited me to partake on eating out with them since, well, networking and building relationships is kind of a necessity (as I'm finding out) while living here in Korea.

Here are some fabulous photos I took of our Sunday trip to check out a temple (near Yeongjin Junior College) and later, the Gyesan Cathedral, just East of Banwoldang Intersection downtown. It was a crisp night, as we perused the streets. More updates tonight! ~ Chelsea


spark said...

whats the deal with s. korea and outback steak house? i saw it everywhere i went.


Chelsea said...

Hey Spark.. that's a funny comment! Yes, it's basically everywhere; and it's lowsy! At least the one in downtown Daegu--cold, bloody meat, which had to be recooked, and 80 bucks later.. I didn't much care for the place. Perhaps it's a little bit of the seudo-American/Australian (ah, Outback for ya..) feel-- Korea just loves imported good. Just look around at all the Paris Baguettes everywhere, or Poire, or Madiu.. hmm. Must be a French addiction? :)