Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Welcome to JungChul!

What an interesting turn this has taken.

My previous post, just a few days ago, could actually be consider a bonefied Rant by all definitions of the term, if you consider the following reasons: the first being the overall stress factor of a new schedule being pushed upon us teahers, right after the new year; the second being the lack of breaks at work, genuine sleep and adequate nourshment, which provoked an unsettling of the nerves and short temper on my part.

I've decided to edit the previous post because, and I have since realized today, that it was necessary for privacy-sake, and for a very good reason. I have essentially been self-appointed, with my director's approval, as the official recruiter for our school, simply because I believe the best recruiter is a current teacher who know's the ins and outs of the private English school system, who's familiar with what the school is looking for and needs, and can act as a liasion between potential candidate and the school. Now is that interesting enough?

I had been talking over the idea of recruiting my own co-worker with my fellow American teacher, Daniel. He's been through the 'stepping-stone' Hagwon system, and is now looking forward to a University teaching job next month. What a trade! But as I think about it, I would not trade my job for any other University or college opening; I honestly couldn't ask for a better director than Susan. Aside from the normal gossip within the Korean teacher circle (something I know every Hagwon could do without!) the director and the kids make my job worthwhile--which is most definitely what it's all about--teaching the kids, associating with them, and connecting with them in ways only a teacher can do.

So aside from the usual teaching day, who's adventures I'll need to write another email about---I must admit it feels pretty darn good to be in control of who I will be working along side. In jest, I could laugh about the opportunity; but the truth is, would I not only get paid for placing a qualified ESL teacher at my school, but I would in-turn, hand-pick candidates that would share my work load, and develop the native-English teacher curriculum with. It's quite an endeavor, and it seems almost overwhelming. But I think I'm ready to tackle the job.

Check out the next actual 'advertisement' that I set up on various websites. And for those faithful readers that sometimes find my posts interesting and entertaining, read on. It certainly doesn't stop here!

Welcome to my world, JungChul...

Ps. Any interested current or prospective ESL teachers wishing to seek more information on the native-English teacher position offered at my school, email inquiries to me at Chelsea_JCEI@hotmail.com

Thanks again for reading,

Yours truly, ~ Chelsea


Anonymous said...

I am Sandy from Johnwasham.com
I am happy to see your success in korea. Yes, i believe that it certainly doesn't stop here.
Best of Luck in future.

Chelsea said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for your words of encouragement. I checked out Johnwasham.com--and it apprears to now be z-Korean.com? I'm quite familiar with the site, it's a great resource! Thanks again, Chelsea