Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snowballs were flying...and I'm off to Pakistan!

Another great little post that I've dug up from the 6th of January...

"It snowed today.

In the waking hours of my day, scooting from one student's house to another on my motorcycle, I recall an interesting moment when I found myself making an awkward jesture at a stoplight: I pushed my helmet screen above my head to gaze at the cloudy sky, when surprisingly, my eyelashes met several clumps of snowflakes, clinging frantically to them. Then a snowflake fell in my eye. What a strange way to say hello.

Surprising was an understatement, actually. I looked around as the light turned green, watching the people hurriedly walking to their destination, obviously unprepared for a little bit of snow fluster. The last time it had snowed, even a sprinkle, was actually just about a week ago, when I woke up at the crack of dawn clearly from sleep deprivation. The morning began as yet another, waking up well before my alarm because my lungs were gasping for air: surely, it was the new resident chainsmoking ajumma (grandlady) that lives below me (again, another interesting and dispicable way to say, "good morning" if you ask me...) Nevertheless, seeing the snow made me sucking in the smoke, all the more worthwhile."

Perhaps the next few weeks will prove to be interesting with the possibility of skiing... oh, that shall be fun: it's been more than 3 years since I've skiied! And then, well, what beautiful skiing resort could one compare that of Chablais in Switzerland? I have yet to find a comparable paradise!

I finally recieved an itinerary for my trip. As per the last post about my vacation, which definitely looked like a rock-n-roll time to be had, I ended up making lots of changes along the way! It looks like, and I tear as I say this, Ahsan and I won't be going to Switzerland this time. There's simply not enough time in one month! So, we'll be heading off to his country of origin Pakistan (boy, what am I getting myself into, I have no idea!) for about 12 days.. and then I ride the long boat to China... joking. I take my flight mid-February and head over to the States: New Orleans, and then up to Seattle to visit the families~ about equal time I guess.

The month of February would have been gruelling trying to make a roadtrip either way~and since my trusted travel companion JuYeong will be starting school in February, I'm off to venture back home alone. Yes, yes.. you ask, why doesn't Ahsan go with you? Alas, my friends, we did intend for a miracle, but the US Embassy wouldn't issue Ahsan a visa because of his 'possible intention to immigrate to the US'. What a load of bologny! Grr.. it's always the good guys who get their throats slit on a reasonable attempt to visit the States. On the positive side, though, we'll be together in Pakistan for nearly 2 weeks~ and if luck may have it, I'm hoping to meet up with my pop, Roger, in Delhi (since he'll be backpacking in India for 3 weeks or so!) Fingers crossed!

Ah.. another good morning, and I'm off to trek up to Yeungjin. It's English camp again, folks.. and I better get to hacking up this cold's phlegm to get my teacher's voice prepped for screaming kids! Ack! ;)

~ Later!

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Juan said...

Did we really need to read about phlegm in this post? Noooo... you should spare your audience some details. :P