Monday, November 27, 2006

Switzerland... the most beautiful country on Earth!

Travel plans. I'm currently making travel plans for next February. I'll have a month vacation, grâce à Yeungjin College, my wonderful work~ which means I need to pack a years' worth of plans in 30 some-odd days. Here's what the itinerary looks like so far:

1. Week 0-1: Fly into New Orleans from Seoul with JuYeong. Spend roughly a week visit family and friends in Alexandria, LA and Birmingham, AL.

2. Week 1-2: Ahsan flies into New Orleans, and we take a road trip up to Seattle, WA ~ taking the Pacific Coast route. Rental car baby! Spend approximately 6 days up the cost.. yeah, it's called doing some major driving and speed site-seeing!

Something which I believe I have forgotten to mention THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE PLANS (!!!!!)(thanks to some lovely readers out there...) ~ One HUGE-mega stop to a hokey urban neighbourhood in the middle of Dallas to pick up Paul and schoot up to Washington!

3. Week 2-3: Visit the family in Seattle and sitesee ~ imagining wild family parties and good grub face-plowing! Oh, and if they're is snow, you know we'll be going!

4. Week 3-4: Fly over to Switzerland about 10 days (time permitting) and see what havoc we can wreak!

Alrighty.. time for a little bit of Taekwondo (see YouTube vids here and here!) Still working on that 1st Blackbelt test, dated for December 10th. ARGH! Check out what I have to KNOW (Poomae's 1-8 on YouTube.. mind blowing indeed!)

Check back to this link for updates!


Paul said...

I don't see the "stopover in Dallas" on your itinerary

this was conveniently omitted

i guess i have to cancel the dancing girls, return the red carpet and take back the hashish

Anonymous said...

Hey Chels,
Can't wait until you come visit. Brandon and I will come down to your dad's. Miss ya and love ya.