Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In the States, wee here I go...

Well, the girl has arrived safe and sound, back in the little Southern State of Loosiana! It's been a great couple of days so far, oh, rather busy, you see ~ sleeping, eating, watching t.v., otherwise enjoying the ultimate oasis for relaxation!

My dad and step-momma, Debbie, both picked me up at the airport in New Orleans on Saturday, and we chatted over the near-4 hour ride back home to Alexandria. It was a pretty eventless ride over from Seoul, sleeping actually, and a little uncomfortable from riding airplanes ~ I definitely think I had my fill: 2 layovers to Pakistan, 3 layovers back, and then 4 days later, it was another 2 layovers to reach my final destination in the States. Darn, I can't imagine traveling like this for a living! Thank God I won't be using the same travel agent from Daegu again; I should have followed my instincts to buy online and eliminate the 2-3 layovers per destination that he gave me to save a few bucks! Now I just have to bite my tongue and enjoy the ride :)

Other than the crappy flying schedule, I've enjoyed my favorite foods that I haven't eaten in years: home-cooked steak, corn and mashed potatoes; batter-fried pork, green beans and salad; and of course my most favorite, good'ol boxed mac-n-cheese!

I had been craving mac-n-cheese since I boarded my flight from Incheon, thinking about how I wanted to devour a box or two as my first meal back in the States in well over a year! It had been almost 2 and a 1/2 years since I graduated LSU in Baton Rouge, and paid a visit to my folks~ so for sure, this was a long overdue visit indeed! Time sure does fly...

For now, I'll continue feeding these cravings~ the food I took for granted while I lived here. It's amazing how such little pleasures can bring so much happiness! I don't quite miss the guk, pop, and kimchee (soup and rice..) combo, the daily meal for the Korean and yes, myself. So I'll just pop another one of these donut holes and get back to my Direct TV movie!!

~ Chelsea


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