Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April 1st: Pakistan 2007 Pictures Up!

No, not an April Fool's joke, I promise! Not like this one.

...finally got all the Pakistan trip pictures up. Be careful though, I've got some 650 some-odd photos and they take a bit to load. Couldn't I have just chosen the best pictures to upload?

Of course not. My pictures are chronological, so they sort of 'tell a story' ~ from beginning to end. So no whining! You can watch the slideshow here--it's a bit faster.

In any event, there is indeed MUCH to update. Besides the usual vacation blunders of February, exerpts from my trip to not only Pakistan (wearing the burka, oh-my!), but as well the usual and unusuallness from visits back home to Louisiana and Washington... there's been alot of changes goin'round and only part of them will be publicized! All those 'dear and near' know what I'm speaking of! La ~ ti~ da...

Until then.. enjoy the photos. Leave me feedback. Eat a healthy salad and some curry. I'll be back before you know it.

~ Chels

Ps. And, oh, because it's cute...

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Aaron said...

Very cool, but I'm jealous. I've long wanted to visit Pakistan.

Great pics.