Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A day at the beach~ Pohang Style!

Is the water cold or what?
Swimming Pohang style means~ you swim with your clothes on!

Two weekends ago, I told Ahsan, "Alright, hon, on Sunday, we have no plans. So we either go to Pohang or Busan. You choose! But I gotta get out of Daegu...and I want to see WATER! Oh, and some dae-geh would be nice!" Coming from a girl who spent several middle/high school years as a competitive swimmer, I was practically in the mood to beg to feel some good 'ol water--and no, my shower was not good enough!--and some delicious crab from the East coast. 'Twas Saturday night at the time, and after I did some phone calling, around came our good Korean friend Myunghee who was up for a mini trip to the sea.

............By car from Daegu, we drove roughly 45 mintes-- not only did we hit the beach, but we ate some pretty damn good food at a nearby restaurant called "Cha Deem Sang" right before. So here it is, folks: the dae-geh (crab) that's been long-awaited...!!! Not to mention, fresh mollusk, fried fish, snails, and veggies .. your average Pohang-style side dishes.

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