Thursday, September 06, 2007

Introducing: The Bébé Experience

Hello, Hello, Hello! Hello, Hello,

While pondering the events of today--what do I do first, that is..--I came across the idea of making a dramatic separation between my Korean Blog (as it has slowly been changing from its original purpose, justifiably, to make room for the bébé bun and his arrival) to that of another blog, now titled, The Bébé Experience (how original: there were too many "baby experience" websites, so I gently changed the name!) And so, this new bébé blog will be dedicated solely to discussing motherhood in all its splendor, with perhaps, a whip of French and a twirl of multiculturalism: after all, our bébé bun is both Pakistani and American! How unique, how spirited, you comment. Indeed. So why didn't I think of this sooner? I call it, a baby-do. (--check out the new blog for an explanation on this fabulous new word construction!)

So feast your eyes, if you are so curious; but give me time, as I have yet to adjust the website, tweak it a bit, and add the many, many, MANY photos I have taken and have yet to take relating to my baby experience.

Until next time,


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