Sunday, October 07, 2007

Anxiousness & the Momma's here!

Already a week and 3 days into Mom's stay.. we've been waiting patiently for this little bun to pop out. Ayden is now 4-5 days overdue, and if nature doesn't take its course, we are going in to get induced Monday morning!

Mom and I have had quite a bit of fun, actually. Eating out downtown, sipping coffee at DaVinci's, playing house, and shopping when the desire hits. Tonight we stopped at HomePlus and picked up some extra stuff to tie us over for the next few days~including some red wine for me to celebrate when I've given birth!

I've actually held up quite well, I think.. considering my stomach is huge and backaches have been intermittent over the past few days. I'm walking bow-legged, and I'm definitely feeling QUITE ready for this little guy to make his appearance. Actually, we made a quick trip to our hospital on Saturday, and the doc said I was about 2 fingers dialated.. just about 25%, giving us the choice to be check in and induce labor with Petocin or wait a few days and let nature take its course! Well, it was a beautiful Saturday, and I didn't see the need to get the ball rolling so quickly.. afterall, I had quite a few things to finish up at the homefront before it was labortime!

Alas, here we are, Sunday night.. and I've uploaded an update video for ya'all to check out on MyTube. I'll be posting these regularly to keep the folks at home current. If everything goes well, I'll be back around Thursday, bringing baby Ayden home! For now, Mom and I are going to celebrate with a mini haircut and some rock & roll music before it gets too late...

:) Chelsea

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