Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thanks Julian..

A few weeks ago, I went into work to join our teachers for a photo op.

One of our teachers, Julian, is pretty handy with taking photos. I joined the crew, wandering with Julian like a little sheep, looking for the best light for him to capture us in.

These are but a few of the photos that Julian forwarded to me... some head shots, unbelievably professional. I must say, I'm jealous of his Nikon SLR. But oh, it's only $1200. Sigh.

By the way, isn't Ayden adorable? He was 7 weeks old in this picture (taken November 29th). So kissable..

I'm so lucky he caught me on a good hair day. Cheese for the camera. Pure cheese.


marcif said...

Chelsea ~ You are absolutely beautiful, as always, but even more so as time goes by -- it's obvious you were meant to be a mom. Michael and I miss you and would love to hear you sing in our house again, so please come soon. We love you!

Aunt Marci

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like your Aunt Marci beat me to commenting on your fabulous *head shot* pictures! And I certainly agree, you are more beautiful all the time...and in these pictures, you look MAH-VELOUS!!! I love my girl!!! Momma xoxoxox

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you look like Toni Collette, but younger..nicer teeth, too. beautiful! ^__^