Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ayden is getting SO big...

Our little punchkin (fusion of "munchkin" and "pumpkin", cute huh?) is growing like a weed. Literally. I was browsing through some videos~just a few of the zillion I have taken~and realized just how behind I am at updating everyone.

This particular video was taken when Ayden was 3 months old~ January 11th. So for the next few posts, I will refer to pictures and videos uploaded on both Flikr and YouTube sites, seeing as I have so so many pictures and videos now...honestly, our little boy keeps me oh-so-busy, I barely have time to shower and think about what's going on tomorrow, let alone update my blog and various communication devices! lol.

Motherhood has definitely blossomed for me. I feel like I finally understand what my mother went through, taking care of my brother and I~ particularly how she may have felt being a single mom, managing her work schedule, taking us to/fro school, coordinating when we went to see our dad, and just dealing with the ins and outs of daily life. That's exactly what I'm going through... and my husband just loves that I manage to not only work, but keep the house clean, take care of our little guy (to and fro daycare, too!), and somehow get a little sleep all within a 24 hour period. Quite a transition from my life just a year ago!

It's surely not a walk in the park.. but I love our little punchkin more and more each day.

Well, looks like I have 30 minutes of--OMG--free time before I pick up our little bun from daycare. And yes, I will eventually talk about daycare here in Korea, because it's long overdue. Gawd, where the hell have the past few months gone? Little Ayden is ALREADY rolling on his front, he always wanting to be upright, and he's now babbling up a storm. Isn't this little guy precious?

I don't mind not sleeping, but I need my freetime to exercise my stress off! So.. I'm off to get my heart pumping...

Until next time!

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