Friday, September 09, 2005

Busan: Post 2 of 1, 948

A typical Chelsea, holding her camera, capturing the essence of the moment. That's me!

More Busan. I loved this place. The fresh air from Dong Hae streaming through the streets, the fresh fish markets (Pew!), the endless streets of people walking around. Pretty interesting place.

And then, one of the many things you'd notice: the endless pet shops, filled with Korean dogs ranging in breed, but all seem to be just about the same tiny size. A fetish perhaps? Maybe. But one cannot help but fall in love with a pup such as the one in this picture that Kate took above.

Then, miraculously, two girls appeared on the sandy shores of Haungdae beach, and scared the city folk away. Wow, Who are they?? That's me and Kate, acting a bit funny. Very typical of me: I haven't lost my sense of humor, which is good!

Then oddly enough, a strange Korean runs past us, takes off his shirt, and dives into the salty sea. That's Seungbo alright. It was rather funny; people were laughing at him as he rolled around on the sand, scratching his back and acting like a goofball! Believe me, if it were any other Korean man, they seriously would not be acting like this!

Last incrimination: Busan cannot be justly experienced without trying out the Busan nightlife. Here, Seungbo, Kate's friend Olivia and I get jiggi-with-it on the dance floor of the foreigner night club, The Vinyl Underground. Highly recommended. There were Canadian rappers there, jiving to their own tune, and they also gave props to the Louisianans and Mississipians who are suffering because of Hurricane Katrina...

On that note, I think everyone is feeling the reprocusions of this devastating natural disaster back home. Americans, Canadians, even Koreans as well. I just hope President Bush steps up a bit more than just giving debit cards to Hurrican Katrina survivors. Seriously though, what can these survivors buy when there's not even a Walmart standing to buy food and supplies from? Come on, now.

There was also a "nah-bee" (Typhoon) watch on the East coast of Korea and West coast of Japan this past week. I heard it was rather stormy in Busan, but nothing of course compared to Hurricane Katrina.

In Busan this last weekend, though, everyone felt completely separated from the current natural disaster. It's easy to not think about problems---school, kids, work, or otherwise. Fun-filled weekend it was in Busan. Who know's! Maybe after my stint in Daegu this year, next year just might be Busan! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Baby Grrrl....bring me home one of those adorable little fluffballs those Korean's call "dogs", would ya? I'd love one for my purse...or pocket! SOOO CUTE!!! your *Anonymous Mom* xoxox

Chelsea said...

Furball: that cute little dog. I'm SO tempted to get a dog--but alas, like my cat Baybe that I left in Louisiana, I don't want to think about having to leave this little munchin if I leave Korea (..then again, maybe I won't ever leave! lol) xox