Friday, September 02, 2005

Weekend Plans and Hurricanes

I've heard much about what is happening back at home---the huge hurricane brought on by "Katrina." There seems to be a lot of devastation, especially around New Orleans---people looting the streets, no food or water, houses demolished. It's hard to imagine this happening, especially since it's been less than a year since I left Louisiana and moved back up to Washington.

I called my father last Tuesday, I believe it was, between teaching classes. I think it was nearly 1am (because of the time difference) and I had woken him up from sleep. I felt really bad--but it felt so good to hear his voice, too. It reminded me of the days that I spent at home, living with my father and step-mother, enjoying the lazy, Louisiana sun and swimming during the hot days in their swimming pool.

I also realized too that I haven't updated as much as I should. I've been here exactly 2 months, and I have yet to call home. Time has passed so quickly, and I just wonder where all the time went. I've also slacked in sending my family emails---which I plan to do so soon. So family, if you're reading, I'll send an update email. I promise!!

This weekend, I will go and see my job placement coordinator, Kate, in Busan. My co-worker Seungbo and I will take the train there (he's going to meet his sister), and I finally get to see the young lady that found me my job here at JungChul!

Love to all my family and friends---I know I haven't said lately that I miss you all, but I do. More updates soon!

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