Monday, October 10, 2005

Gold teeth ?

Benjamin Franklin's gold crown may have looked good back in the day, but today's crown doesn't look quite the same--nor does it have the same esthetic value.

After visiting the dentist today, I found out a few things.
(1) I don't need cleaning--or scaling as they call it--because luckily I don't have any plaque, or any calcium deposit. Whew!
(2) I can whiten my teeth. But the cost is a bit greater than I was told by a Korean friend: basically 300 Won for the entire upper clean, 300 Won for the lower teeth. Doable, but still more expensive than I thought. Nevertheless, the entire operation would be cheaper than in the US (which, while looking online recently, costs nearly $1,000 for the full set.)
(3) As far as one of my canine's being restored--because the bonding is coming off--the doctor recommended and basically said that my only option was a C-R-O-W-N. Not exactly the answer I was looking for.

I cannot imagine grinding my tooth down, getting a root canal, and putting a fake tooth on these chops.

So I'll get a second or third, or fourth opinion if I had to. I asked the doctor whether I could just bond it again, or put a veneer on my tooth, and he said it was a 'no-go' (in Chelsea terms, that is.) That means I'm still on the hunt for a solution~~because GOLD teeth just ain't my style!


milgwimper said...

Hmmm...Do they have the cermaic amalgum? I really hope you can find another solution or another option than gold!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I know this post was from a few years ago, but I am in Daegu now and looking for a dentist to remove my wisdom teeth. What dentist did you go to, and did he speak English? Thanks!

Chelsea said...

Actually, yes. There are many dentists, and indeed those that speak English rather well. It does help to have a Korean friend with you to help you translate, however. If you want some contact info, reply to my email.