Monday, October 10, 2005

Gold teeth ?

Benjamin Franklin's gold crown may have looked good back in the day, but today's crown doesn't look quite the same--nor does it have the same esthetic value.

After visiting the dentist today, I found out a few things.
(1) I don't need cleaning--or scaling as they call it--because luckily I don't have any plaque, or any calcium deposit. Whew!
(2) I can whiten my teeth. But the cost is a bit greater than I was told by a Korean friend: basically 300 Won for the entire upper clean, 300 Won for the lower teeth. Doable, but still more expensive than I thought. Nevertheless, the entire operation would be cheaper than in the US (which, while looking online recently, costs nearly $1,000 for the full set.)
(3) As far as one of my canine's being restored--because the bonding is coming off--the doctor recommended and basically said that my only option was a C-R-O-W-N. Not exactly the answer I was looking for.

I cannot imagine grinding my tooth down, getting a root canal, and putting a fake tooth on these chops.

So I'll get a second or third, or fourth opinion if I had to. I asked the doctor whether I could just bond it again, or put a veneer on my tooth, and he said it was a 'no-go' (in Chelsea terms, that is.) That means I'm still on the hunt for a solution~~because GOLD teeth just ain't my style!
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