Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pohang trip..

Saturday morning, early.

I stayed up late working on Website changes--did you notice? :)--however, there's still so much to learn about html writing/tinkering, and I'm not yet satisfied.

It's funny~ I've read in so many other blogs how people, foreign teachers, spend alot of time (probably more so than posting about their teaching or day to day experiences) playing with their website format, editing html, and the ever-popular constantly "editing-saving-publishing" your template phenomenon. Amazing~ I'm exactly in the same boat; frankly because I spend alot of time learning about writing webpages...when I should really be writing more about what my life is like in the land of the morning calm (or, as some may say because of 'blog-readership', "Welcome to the Marmot's Hole!!")

In any event, I'm still a bit delerious from staying up until nearly 4:45 because of my blogging sickness (just joking!).. that, and preparing to move my bones to take my Korean language class at the YMCA in downtown Daegu. This will be my 3rd class--and I'm excited. I've already learned so much~~well, let's just say, a bit beyond my own Korean self-studies.

Today I'll head out to Pohang with one of my Korean friends, Myunghee, and her 9 year old son. This should be fun~ I've heard alot about the place. Unfortunately, my camera batter needs charging, and wonderful me forgot to plug it in~ so alas, I'll be pictureless. But the ride's cheap to get there, and Seungbo supposedly grew up there... so there'll be another chance for picture taking. Less of course, I decide to splurge a bit and buy the mini Nikon camera I have my eyes on~ it would travel so much better than my MONOLITH Mavica cd-writer. Hehe. We'll see. The camera I want costs roughly $400 USD. So I may have to wait a bit on that.

Anyhow~ wish me luck! I'll be back Sunday with updates. Have a good weekend everybody!!

:O) Chelsea
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