Friday, February 03, 2006

Metamorphose of images

A slight change from liquification and convolution...



... to plasticity, creating a water-like effect,

--alters an image,
metamorphosing the original intention of the form.
That is, if it's original form is known.

I've recently begun to play with my Adobe photoshop CS. I literally have 3, 000 or so pictures, yet to put up on Flikr, and I'm afraid for the sake of the sheer number of photos I have, I'll have to buy a pro account. Unless, of course, I find an alternative to photo hosting.
Today, like any other ordinary day at work, passed like clockwork, almost faster than my usual, but never-boring, teaching schedule.
I am happy to say, that tomorrow is the official last day to our winter vacation schedule. Can I get a halleluia? I'm thrilled beyond words. Juan will be arriving next week; and just about a work-week later, our new Australian teacher joins us from Melbourne. Yet another great change to add to my ever exciting life.
Another thought to note: I realized something today, after shopping at two of the stores I frequent around my apartment (one is the bakery shop Madieu, where I pick up my mid-day caramel latte before work, and the other is a husband/wife everything-shop, where I find usually cheap, miscellaneous kitchen/apartment stuff--like food table, coat hanger, dishware, etc.) The more you shop there, the more they'll recognize you, and the cheaper the products become, because they give you a 'special visiter price' and hence, you get the perk of getting tid-bits of 'service' everywhere--a free pastry, that free shot of caramel, a new sink sponge or knife to add to the newly-bought items pile. This is a networking tool I'm learning to use. And, I think I like it!
Off to my book, The DaVinci Code to keep up with the 100 page-a-day pace I've been reading at. I'm clearly not missing sleep :) On second thought...
'Til another spark of writing flies within these blogging walls,
~ Chelsea
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