Friday, February 03, 2006

Metamorphose of images

A slight change from liquification and convolution...



... to plasticity, creating a water-like effect,

--alters an image,
metamorphosing the original intention of the form.
That is, if it's original form is known.

I've recently begun to play with my Adobe photoshop CS. I literally have 3, 000 or so pictures, yet to put up on Flikr, and I'm afraid for the sake of the sheer number of photos I have, I'll have to buy a pro account. Unless, of course, I find an alternative to photo hosting.
Today, like any other ordinary day at work, passed like clockwork, almost faster than my usual, but never-boring, teaching schedule.
I am happy to say, that tomorrow is the official last day to our winter vacation schedule. Can I get a halleluia? I'm thrilled beyond words. Juan will be arriving next week; and just about a work-week later, our new Australian teacher joins us from Melbourne. Yet another great change to add to my ever exciting life.
Another thought to note: I realized something today, after shopping at two of the stores I frequent around my apartment (one is the bakery shop Madieu, where I pick up my mid-day caramel latte before work, and the other is a husband/wife everything-shop, where I find usually cheap, miscellaneous kitchen/apartment stuff--like food table, coat hanger, dishware, etc.) The more you shop there, the more they'll recognize you, and the cheaper the products become, because they give you a 'special visiter price' and hence, you get the perk of getting tid-bits of 'service' everywhere--a free pastry, that free shot of caramel, a new sink sponge or knife to add to the newly-bought items pile. This is a networking tool I'm learning to use. And, I think I like it!
Off to my book, The DaVinci Code to keep up with the 100 page-a-day pace I've been reading at. I'm clearly not missing sleep :) On second thought...
'Til another spark of writing flies within these blogging walls,
~ Chelsea


Juan said...

Hmmm I know that photograph. Should I post the decoded version, the original form ;)?

Chelsea said...

If thee doed'st, thou shalt be kilt! har har :) Who would do such a thing--wait, hold on, there ISN'T an option to post unles you're, well, MOI. Nice try :)

Juan said...

Are you suuuuure?

Juan said...

I forgot to mention - I started reading an eBook at work and I am hooked on it. It's called Digital Fortress and guess who wrote it? Dan Brown! He wrote The DaVinci Code!

Funny that we are both hooked on the same author right now.

Well, now I really have to read that book! In fact, I already downloaded it in eBook format.