Monday, February 06, 2006

Susong Land Trip: Tutoring Windy... on a windy day!

Saturday, the usual day I tutor Windy, flew by when we decided to take the lesson from the home to an amusement park!

Windy lives in Padong, which is a ways to get out there. But, it's worthwhile: this 12 year old girl that I've tutored for nearly 3 weeks now, is the cutest, chubby thing, with a keen eye for sentence structure and speaking English with near accent-free. Today, we took a look at Susong Land, which is near Windy's house.

The photos speak for the fun we had.

I've got some more photos to post (videos, actually) of riding the "Smiley Jumper" that cost us $5 to ride (about 10 minutes or so, not too bad)... as well as a few photos from our "Waeguukine" trip Saturday evening to see RENT, the musical. Awesome time had by all. More later, so stay tuned!

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