Friday, February 03, 2006

When you think you're alone...

Ahem, (drumroll...) It's---
Photocredit: Great photo I came across browsing Flikr and DJChuang's photo stash.

Suddenly you realize, you're literally...everywhere. Signs, locations, dog names, districts in London and New York City. Wow, it doesn't stop! Perhaps it seems you can find me multilaterally? Is that even a word?
This fits perfectly in this wanderlust theme I've come across, which really does describe me. The NO PARKING songs symbolizes that there's no stopping or standing when it comes to traveling with this girl!

Maybe my DaVinci Code current-read is making we look at the symbols of everything I come in contact with. Could this be a sign? Hardly. It's Friday, and I'm just winding down from the last, ultimate last day of this Winter Vacation stupidly-hectic schedule, with no breaks and zero lunch time. Ahhh.. this weekend will coast too quickly.

But alas! I have reserved 8 tickets reserved for a clan of waeguukine's (and two Hanguukines) to check out the musical, Rent that is here for the weekend, to play at the Daegu Opera House. This is bound to be a blast. Yahoo!

Official article from the Daegu Tourist Info Center:


Location : Across the Home PlusTransportationBus #349, 403, 424, 603, 306(Express bus)Information : 666 6030

*Musical 'Rent' by a Broadway cast
Date : Feb. 2(Thu)~Feb. 5(Sun)
Time : 7:30 pm(Feb.2~Feb.3)
3 pm / 7:30 pm(Feb.4~Feb.5)
Admission fee : ₩99,000(R);₩77,000(S);₩55,000(A);₩33,000(B)
Inquires : 053-585-0089

If the musical is a hit (which I hear it is--but the English version of the Daegu Opera House certainly isn't!) and if you end up not going, don't say I didn't tell you so!! You can call ahead to reserve the tickets, and then pay on arrival; you need to show up though at least 30 minutes before the musical begins. There's supposedly still plenty of seats for Saturday!

And by the way, I hear Constantine Maroulis toured with Rent back in 2003 before he did the 4th season of American Idol ( pix here, and Rent website pic here). Who knows, maybe he'll be in this tour in Korea!

Updates later, maybe some pictures too. Oh, yes. And the movie, Memoire's of a Geisha, is here opening this weekend as well. I just finished the book a few weeks ago. Very intruiging!

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