Sunday, February 26, 2006

New roommate, new school schedule.. life is grand!

Wow, nearly 20 days since my last entry. What's keeping Chelsea busy these days??

Well, the night's still young, but I'm exhausted.

I just came back from spending a splendid evening with a group of Canadian friends--the THAT bar watching live Jazz music in downtown, playing card games (Kings, Stanley and Spoons) along with finishing the night dancing and conversing at Gypsy Rock in the Kyung Pook area. 'Twas a great night indeed.

Among other great things keeping me busy the last few weeks...

Mel has arrived. Let's just say, the hours searching for the right foreign co-worker has paid off!

It's about time!

My new housemate (of course she's new, I've been living alone for the past 7 and 1/2 months!) is fresh from traveling 6 months---jetting around the globe with her traveling companion, from Australia, to the Philippines, now Korea...she stayed home tonight looking to find a little peace and quiet from the last week and 3 days' initiation into my residence of Daegu, the tiny, northern town of Seobyundong. We need a little quiet time to ourselves once in awhile--and by the weekend's end, I'll be looking for some quiet time myself!

I have to say I think we're amazingly paired. In our tiny apartment (see next post), I couldn't imagine staying in such closed quarters with anyone else. Sometimes I think we're long-lost sisters, we're so alike. Luck of the draw, perhaps.

And, well, tomorrow it's art class with my dear Canadian friend Anne in Ji-San dong. We're focusing on contouring and value (shading and shadows)--which in all my years of taking art, I've only focused on everything BUT drawing!

In the afternoon, it's tutoring Windy in Padong~thankfully just a 10 minute taxi hop from Ji-San dong. She's been improving well--only she's inkled toward hanging out downtown, turning the usual 1 hour session into a 4 hour 'let's go shopping' stint!

Thereafter, I'll be meeting Anne again to practice guitar/songs for an upcoming open-mic downtown. I'm looking forward to playing again in front of an audience--particularly with Anne because we compliment each other well both singing and playing guitar. Should be fun!

Last, perhaps another friendly meet Sunday evening at the restaurant Ttulereue downtown, amid more Canadian friends. I usually find myself consumed with political/historical discussions, intertwining Canadian/American/Korean culture with everyone's teaching experiences. Just a great time wining and dining, actually.

Alright--onward to sleep. Tomorrow's sunlight comes early! Check back for entries on recent happs and plans. I've got too much going on to cature everything actually happening....either my body is spinning too fast and my mind's not catching up, or I'm on warp speed--make that mach 50. Time, better stop me now!


forapurpose said...

Hello. I like your blog. Come check mine out when you have a chance. It's about life in Korea.


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comatose said...

Wow, it's been a while since I've checked out your blog... I like the new banner... and the reading is good like always :)


Anonymous said...

Bored senseless tonight. Came across your blog. Good stuff.

- just another foreigner in the 'Gu'