Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A few days catch-up ~ Mom's visit resumes!

Mah-Mah-Mah-Mah~ Don't we look good! :)
On Sunday, Mom and I went downtown to catch some good grub at a neat Italian restaurant called Italy-Italy. We munched on our own customized Italian pasta dish and talked about, well, what you can expect from a mother and daughter! Check out our fine view from the top floor ~
We took the top floor of the restaurant and sipped on some red and white wine, amusing ourselves with our cameras and slurping up the delicious meal!

Later, Mom and I took a taxi over to a little town called Padong, where I tutor Windy ~ We ended up waking up the entire household, as it appeared everyone had taken a mid-afternoon nap after their church activities. Wooops! In any event, Mom got to see me tutor Windy for an hour, and we played a few games and had fun in general.

By a hair past 5:30, Mom and I took the bus
to the next town, Jung-dong, and headed over to a beautiful Buddhist temple. I had already visited the place, and new Mom would enjoy seeing the inside decor and learning a little about the Buddhist religion.

Next plan, over to Chilgok to have dinner with my friend Myunghee and her son. Myunghee made a beautiful display of the meal with plenty of side dishes. Was a good time indeed ~ and I think the days' travels wore Mom out. With a little bit of soju and a full meal, Mom was tuckered ~ so we decided to head home and took a taxi back to Seobyundong about 9:30pm.

Monday, on the other hand, was another story! I decided to take Mom to work with me to check out my school, and the kids I teach. I definitely didn't realize it would be a crazy scene, with all the students going wild and seeing a foreign lady with beautiful, long-red hair! As the day wore on, I knew my mother was not jiving the rowdy kids and the noises they were making. When the evening was all said and done, and I knew my mother had a longer day than I had teaching!

Headed home, and boy.. was I tuckered out! I couldn't even think to update, let alone brush my teeth and hit the sack! :)

Check out the next entry for today's happs ~ with mom's experiences watching Mel and I get down and funky at Taekwondo! :)
~ Later, Chels

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