Monday, April 17, 2006

Last weekend's Busan Trip: Video Blog & Pictures

Photo taken by Fishy McFish@Flickr

Woh! I just found out my new friend Jocelle (click on the photo credit below picture) had posted the video of one of the poetry performance pieces I read during the Poetry 34+ Poetry Slams in Busan. It all happened Saturday, April 8th at the Jazz Monk Club. Check it out ~ totally ROCKED!

Psst! (My own Flickr picture posting of the Busan trip coming soon!)

Definitely had too much fun. If you know a bit of Korean, you'll understand better. It's called "Sem Sem" which is an acronymn for "Song-sang nim" or teacher, in Korean. It summarizes the English-teacher in Korea experience. Check it.

A-L-S-O: You can catch the near ENTIRE FLICKR photo set of the gang (Jocelle, Anne, Katherine and I) hanging in both Busan and Jin Hae here... just click on the picture above!! Thanks Jocelle..

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