Monday, April 17, 2006

Palgong Mt: Dongwasa Temple

Alright, I'm going crazy with the updates..but hey, it's been months since I've truly updated, and I've got a ZILLION pictures to show the world! :)

Short entry on the neat Saturday April Fool's trip up to Palgong Mountain. Beautiful place. Anne, Jocelle and I really enjoyed the beautiful scenary but chilly day. Huge Buddha statue, crops of people walking to and fro, and well.. the hiking up Palgong Mt. turned out to be a 'let's check out Dongwasa temple' day! No probs ~ there was plenty to see, and the grounds were fascinating to check out alone. When the weather gets better, a real hiking trip will be due to see the scenary that Palgong Mt. has to offer.

Note to prospective Palgong Mt. day-trippers: pack a lunch, prepare for chilly weather, and bring plenty of film/batteries/storage space concerning cameras because there are plenty of beautiful opps to take pictures and contemplate the scenary.
How to get there: take the Daegu city bus number 1 from Milgiore (the parkside) from downtown Daegu. Bus comes every 10-15 minutes to take you up to Dongwasa temple. Bus cost is 1200 Won. Highly recommended!

Complete Dongwasa temple visit set: My flikr photos.

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