Monday, April 17, 2006

Yeungjin College trip to Gyeongju & Pohang

Another WOW trip!

Saturday, Mom and I woke up swollen-eyed and half-asleep at the crack of dawn to meet my dearest friend Anne, for an all-day Yeungjin College teacher-guest trip to Gyeongju & Pohang. What a delight! And my poor Ma just flew in the night prior ~ we knew NOT what was in store for us, only that it'd be a long day, and we were bound to have fun!

The photos nearly speak for themselves! (check out my Flickr set for the low-down) We enjoyed a nice, rented tour bus (equipped with Karyoke and all, which we didn't find out until the some 2 hour trip home!) We ate a fantastic meal where lost in Gyeongju (don't ask where!), and finally, a great, relaxing barbeque by the seaside. It was just what we needed to kick off mom's 10 days Korean stay.

Just a few more goodies for ya:
Get to know me, Mom and Anne's wackier sides and find out how we reacted to a bit of red wine, Cass beer and boredom, with the following YouTube videos I recently uploaded.

1. Coffee Anyone?: Mom tries coffee from a Korean vending machine
2. Green Cheese: Mom and Anne respond to the meaning of life
3. Ham and Bacon: Mom and daughter duo liven up the sea-nary

Enjoy! :) Ps. I'm stoked: new job possibility update ~ I networked and found out that the two main dudes hosting this excursion were just the guys I needed to talk to in order to get my foot in the door to working at Yeungjin. Do you think I chatted up a storm and made a good impression? Boy, you better count on my application package being sent via email Monday morning for SURE! ;) Looks like it just might be another yet in Korea afterall! ....fingers crossed.

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