Saturday, April 15, 2006

Updated** TAE-KWON-DO & my Mother's Arrival!

Woooooow! I'm a lazy bum ~ my updates have been few and far between.... but I have a good reason! Not only am I working like a dog ~ but my gradiose roomie MEL has talked me and dragged me to taking TAEKWONDO! What a fantastic excuse to get in shape too :) Plus we have a cute teacher... lol (no worries, he's twice our age!)

This picture was taken NOT TOO LONG AGO.. and Mel and I decided to SPAR and take some pictures capturing what we've learned in the past month, working out 5 days per week, one hour a day. Last minute, Mel hauls off and pretend smacks me right at the moment of the picture snap. What a moment!

Now to all my friends and family who'are wondering: MY MOMMA HAS ARRIVED! Yippee.. and we've had such a fun time in these barely 12 hours together, since she arrived last night around 8:30pm. I've missed my momma so much, and we're just like girlfriends hanging out. After picking her up, we went out to a local gal-bi restaurant near my house, where my Mom experienced sitting on the floor and eating with chop sticks for the first time. It was a blast and a half, but a very low-key night as my Mom hadn't slept since packing back home and blah blah blah ~ needless to say, and as presumed, she yawned since arrival to when we hit the bed and talked before turning off the light. We probably talked to our tongues nearly lept out of our mouths from exhaustion ~ only 4 months since seeing my mother back in December when I went home for a visit, but you'd swear we hadn't seen one another in years!

Well we're off today to Giungju for an all-day event with my friend Anne and a group from her work at Yeongjin College. Off we go, and more updates ~ with pictures, I promise!!

See ya! :) Chels (and the Momma!)

* April 17th update: I've added some Taekwondo technique practice videos of me and Mel at our Dojang. Fun stuff ~ check it out! :)

1. Taekwondo Part 1: Chelsea's partner practice
2. Taekwondo Part 2: Mel's partner practice (hits Chels in the face with the paddle~ kinda funny!)

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