Friday, November 03, 2006

Halleluia! It's about DAMN time...

Bush should apologize.

I am smiling both inside and OUTSIDE.

Finally, I came across a news clip on MSN video whose "Countdown" commentator host, Keith Oberman (which aired on November 1st, 2006) all hands down, I completely agree with. This is a MUST WATCH if you haven't.

There is no way I could have watched this on tv here in Korea. Politics are not just this liberal here ~ think about it! I had to search a bit for my own news to get some of what I call the "American shock-factor 9" back into my system. Word.

Why can't the American people wake up to seeing the true nature of this incompetant President, who, we have watched, push this country into ruin since 1994? Truly amazing...

Check it:

~ Rock on America, it's about freaking time.

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jca said...

I hear ya!