Saturday, November 18, 2006

Word on the street is...

This Daegu weather is seriously getting cold. Chelsea has yet, once again, managed to get a cold. Lung cold, the fluid stuff, the can't sleep cuz your coughing kind... and yes, it's probably due to me--the stubborn girl as I am--not wanting to finally park my bike. Er, my TWO bikes for that matter (thanks Paul).

Just a tad before this picture was taken (you like the new Blog heading picture too?) I had a big run in with Paul's Hyosang 'not turning'.. yes, indeed, the battery had died. Pushed the bike back and forth, turned off the lights, tried to start. Running and kick start method? No dice. Dead.

So I called up the little bike store where I bought my Daelim daystar from ~ and they rescued me. Two little guys on a vespa equivalent, bring a new and used battery for me to choose from. Awsome! 15 minutes later, and a newly 'used' battery for 25,000KWR, and my bike was running in no time. Took some videos of the incident too (which I'll put up on YouTube soon~ yes, yes, we know what Chelsea's 'soon' means: a month! lol.) and shot a few pictures, with JuYeoung's help, which are now up on Flikr. So check it!

By the way... does having 2 motorcycles in Korea mean I'm going to stay longer? Hmmm... well, I know I've got to master this Korean language, and I'm due for another Black Belt test here (December 10th exactly!), I have another 8 months on my contract at Yeungjin, and I have YET to break 10k on my bike. All I know is, I'm gonna keep on riding~ cold, sickness and all~ until either my hair freezes or the snow gets so packed on these Daegu streets, I won't even be able to PUSH my bike! hehe..

Later all~

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James said...

hi there, i ride a Daelim Daystar as well. can we share a bit of our experience on this bike? If you have msn please add me (james.attard AT gmail DOT com)