Sunday, July 24, 2005

Swim Time....feeling waterlogged!

Today I decided to skip the hiking at Gatbawi Mt. (ah! Don't fret--that'll be next weekend, I promise!) So I slept in...really late. I don't think I slept well since I got here. My bed is quite hard. And it didn't help that not only did I go to bed late (like 3:30 am), but I also watched a scary Korean movie! It's about this young girl who's mother kills herself because she's got a mental problem, and the sister imagines all these horrible things happening.. like she kills her sister, her stepmother is wicked, and people are getting killed. I didn't understand but a lick, and that was only through body language---that and squeezing my pillow and hiding my face all-too-often!

So as it were, I finally woke up at about 2pm. Wow. It was a great feeling, but I'd say I overslept a bit. Then Angelina came at about 2:15 to go swimming at the local Bukgu swimming pool. We stopped by there to go swimming yesterday after work, but they were close to closing, so we were too late. But alas, today was the day.. and boy was it crowded!! Tons of people--and I looked like a sore thumb, wearing 2 swim suits (one for drag, so I'd work harder in the water), plus with my white skin, I almost looked like a ghost. I seriously resemble something like an albino compared to these people!

So, more details later--coz Angelina is going to cook me a good chicken dish. I'll be making banana crêpes for dessert---my favorite!! ;) Ta-ta!

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