Saturday, July 23, 2005

The weekend, already.. and more Korean learned, and food too!

Start of the weekend.
Last night I went out with Seung-bo, who, among my little click circle of Korean and Canadian friends, he's considered funny and odd for a Korean. In any event, he turned out to be an interesting guy. We met up downtown, and went to a traditional Korean style restaurant and ate a special dish with green onions, squid, sort of baked in a cream/potato sauce. The result was a big paddy--and it was delicious! I also tried 'Dong Dong Ju' which is a rice-based Korean alcohol, very much like 'Makali' (Korean rice whisky), but higher quality. It was pretty good! We talked about Jesus Christ, philosphy (which was his major in college) and the differences between the American and Korean cultures. I didn't know Koreans were so opinionated--that is, unless you're a Korean philosphy major, which, apparently he is.

More Korean Food.
Then we checked out a Japanese restaurant near the infamous nightclub, The Bubble Club, still in downtown. This time, we tried SOJU (Korean whisky) with a dish called "Seojum".. that was my favorite of all dishes. I'll have my parents try it when they visit. It includes something like 12 'shish-k-bab' sticks, laden with baby squid, chicken hearts, barbeque meat, and gingko beans, all with a splash of cabbage salad in the middle. They give you these little side dishes, equivalent to Kimchi, hot or pickled cucumbers or radish (which is yellow) and corn and baby mushroom strings that you dip and soy and wasabi sauce. The main dish is carmelized, and it definitely hits the spot!

Back to Crew.
Last, we went to Crew for a short while, to catch up on James and a few more Korean friends. I met this really neat Korean girl named Lee, who also teaches. She was so interested in learning about America, and she wanted to find an American friend (like me!) who's also interested in learning about Korea and the Korean culture. The interesting part is that she lives really close to Bukgu--so we exchanged numbers/emails and plan on meeting up again soon.

Prep for Saturday listening test classes.
I'm not really thrilled about working on a Saturday--but I hope it's fun to be worthwhile. I have to think that ANY experience is good experience, paid or not. So why not. I actually didn't know about this until Friday night, the details I mean, and what I will be doing. I guess everyone is meeting at the school, and I am supposed to look over 3 sheets of vocabulary--and instead of explaining words through gestering, I am told to only describe the words using the whiteboard. Serious face only. I don't know if I can do that!!! So, I'm having to work on definitions so that i'll be easier to explain these words, like "fun", "blue", "run" or "book." This will be a challenge for myself, I think, because I am so used to being animated.

Then I get 'advice' and if I'm 'teaching correctly.' Talk about being put up to the whipping post!

(Sigh) We'll see. 1pm we grab lunch together, and classes begin at 2pm. Later!

Ps. Oh, I found superman! HE CAN DANCE!

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